4 tips for exercising on the road while you travel

Staying fit while you're traveling can be a challenge. Between long flights, meetings with clients, and after-work social events, it's all too easy to skip your workout for one day... and then that day stretches into a week. But business travel doesn't have to mean disaster for your waistline. Use these tips to sneak in some exercise next time you're on the road.

1. Do more... by doing less.

If you're having trouble motivating yourself to hit the hotel's workout room, you might be trying to do too much. You'll be extremely busy when you're traveling, of course, and who wants to squeeze in a long, grueling workout when they're already jet-lagged and focused on deliverables for a client? You can solve this problem by minimizing the time and frequency of your workouts. Set small, attainable goals, like taking a short walk or doing bodyweight exercises in your hotel room for 15 minutes. You'll be less likely to blow off your workout when it only takes a few minutes to complete, and those short workout sessions will really add up in the long run (pun intended 😉 ).

2. Find a buddy.

We all know that accountability can be a powerful tool when it comes to sticking to our goals. However, we frequently apply this principle to our professional lives and not our personal lives. You can use the power of accountability to stay fit on the road by enlisting a buddy, either in person or online. Find a family member, someone on your team, or another business traveler who wants to work out more often on the road. Tell them your goals at the beginning of the week, and follow up with each other at the end of the week. If your buddy is someone on your team, you can even make plans to work out together. Make sure there are consequences if you don't meet your goals!

3. Plan, plan, plan!

This tip may be easier said than done - after all, you've got a lot of other things you need to think about while traveling for business. But if you have some downtime on the plane or during a layover, take a few minutes to plan your upcoming workouts. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish eliminates the excuse of not knowing what you should do in the gym. It also saves you time because you can get straight to working out instead of wandering around to the different machines.

4. Look for ways to stay on your feet.

Exercise doesn't always have to happen inside a gym. Business travel gives you a lot of opportunities to stay active, even if you never touch a weight rack or treadmill. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can, and use your free time to explore your surroundings on foot. Just racking up some extra steps every day can do a lot to burn extra calories.

Wrapping Up

Exercising on the road is easier than you might think. Use these tips next time you jet off for a conference or an important meeting, and you'll be able to maintain your healthy lifestyle without stressing or sacrificing your other responsibilities.