Why I started BizEatz, a healthy eating option for business travelers

Recognizing the problem

BizEatz was started with a passion for helping the people I care about most. My brother and several friends are career business travelers, and although this career might seem glamorous, they shared with me on many occasions that the daily grind they experience has many drawbacks. One of the challenges they continuously faced was maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Although my brother committed to eating well and exercising while at home, he admitted that it was much more challenging to maintain the same routine while on the road. As a result of seeing people that I know and love struggle with this issue, I knew that I had to do something to help them.

Long-Term Effects Of Life As A Business Traveler

My team and I started doing some research on the long-term effects of business travel, and we were alarmed at what we found. Sleep and mental health disorders, increased risk of obesity, and more serious diseases such as stroke and heart attack were common finds! We needed to find a solution, not only for our friends and family members, but for the millions of other business travelers out there at risk of suffering from these conditions. We had to figure out a way to impact and improve health outcomes for business travelers.

Looking For A Solution

We initially wanted to help business travelers exercise while on the road, but the more we interviewed business travelers, the more we realized that unhealthy eating was a much bigger and more common problem. You can choose whether or not you want to workout in a given day, but you HAVE to eat at some point. Also, as most people know, nutrition can be over half the battle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It became clear to us that solving the nutrition problem would have the greatest impact on the life of the business traveler.

Having healthy food that is readily available and convenient to prepare would simplify the process of maintaining proper nutrition. If we could help provide healthy meals for them while they were on the road, we could contribute to their overall health and well being! We jumped in with both feet and developed BizEatz, with the passion for improving the lives of our friends and family as the driving force behind our concept.

What Does BizEatz Do?

BizEatz works with vendors that deliver in your travel area to provide healthy, nutritious and convenient meals for you, the business traveler. We work with your travel accommodations to ensure you have access to both a refrigerator and microwave. In addition, we coordinate the delivery time so that your meals are there when you arrive, ready to go. High-quality meals are delivered to your door, making caring for yourself while on the road convenient. With BizEatz, healthy food while traveling is a mere order away. We take care of the Eatz so you can take care of the Biz.