How much do meals cost?
  • Meals typically range from $13 to $17
  • Delivery fee varies by vendor and is between $12 to $16
  • BizEatz convenience fee is $6.95
Do meals arrive every day or all at once?

All meals arrive at once.

Do you only deliver on Tuesdays?

As we continue to grow and partner with new vendors we will add more Monday delivery dates in more locations. If you have a hard requirement for a Monday delivery date please contact us at .

Why can I only order for the following week?

The healthy meal prep companies change their menu weekly so we do as well. If you would like a reminder to order further in advance please email us at .

How far in advance should I place my order?

The order deadline for most locations is Wednesday at 11PM EST. The sooner we know about your travel plans, the more healthy meal options we can provide you.

Where do you deliver?

We find you healthy meals anywhere in the contiguous United States.

How do you ensure that the meals are healthy?

We only offer meals from healthy meal prep companies.

How do I receive my meals?

Meals are delivered to your hotel before arrival. They are kept fresh in a refrigerator and brought to your room once you check in.

I rarely see a microwave in my hotel room. Can I still use your service?

Yes, we will work with your hotel to ensure that you have access to a microwave either in your room or a common area in the hotel. Most hotels have microwaves available upon request. We also offer cold meal options that only require refrigeration.

I placed an order, but then my travel changed. How do you accommodate that?

If you have an unpredictable travel schedule, we will use a vendor that allows orders to be placed on your first day of travel, minimizing the need to cancel an order.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Not always, but we will certainly try. Please email for a special request.